Framework Part 2 :: Buried Truths of Origins

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Part 2 takes you through Genesis 1–11, the “prolegomena” of the Bible. You will learn how it contrasts with pagan origin myths, both ancient and modern, and how it provides vital information concerning cosmology, life, death, evil, language, social order, and history that is available nowhere else.

This part of the Framework course deals with the very foundation of biblical faith—origins. In this study you see how the universe around you and even your heart inside you have always borne clear testimony to your Creator. Their testimony is so clear that the carnal mind (being always at enmity with God) has had to suppress this truth to try to avoid responsibility before Him. Thus paganism, whether ancient or modern in form, has a powerful ethical motive in viciously and unrelentingly attacking the first eleven chapters of Genesis as “mythological.”

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