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What is it?

The course sequence covers each major component of God’s historic “show-and-tell” program recorded in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. You will discover—perhaps for the first time—the powerful implications of this revelation for every area of your life.

Why This Course?

To grow beyond all-too-common unbiblical views of the Bible. One popular view is that the Bible is fine for the inner spiritual life but must not be taken seriously in historical, scientific, or political matters. Another view sees the Bible as a hodgepodge of unrelated literary fragments. This course collides sharply with all such views.

Who is it For?

Christians who want to “connect the dots” in God’s historic work and His information-conveying conversation with us through His Word. Those who want to face the great challenges of life armed with the Truth and a biblical perspective. Those who think it possible that God’s program is coherent, that He clearly communicates it to us and that we were created to think His thoughts after Him.

  • “Having gone through [the course] twice, I am convinced of the essential need of teaching the Framework to all believers in Jesus Christ. It is not that I have learned anything new concerning the events of Scripture; instead it has placed these events and their associated doctrines in a cohesive blueprint of God’s plan and program. ... This is a course of study that should be taught in every church, Bible school, and seminary.”

    ~D.R., Ohio

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  • The Bible Framework was recommended to me by one of my elders. I am premillennial and he's an amillennial. Nevertheless, he recommended this series (in spite of the well-deserved jab Charles Clough takes at the Churches of Christ) and has completely re-shaped my worldview to that of one that is in accordance with Scripture.

    I'm even using the Framework when I teach Sunday school. I'm now introducing 1st-3rd graders to the concepts of the Creator/creature distinction and teaching them the doctrines of justification, sanctification, and glorification (among others) and they're GETTING IT. It's amazing to see children so hungry to understand God's Word.

    I'm planning a men's Bible study as well to teach the Framework to both new and mature Christian men. I can't thank Charles Clough enough for the material he has taught and made available.

    ~RL, Texas