Before he passed off the scene, Israel’s human founder Moses wanted every Israelite to understand the relationship between God and their special nation. This long (74-lesson) series expounds what we moderns refer to as “social justice”—not from a Marxist, Muslim, Socialist, or Libertarian perspective—but from the perspective of God as He “interfered” with ancient near-eastern culture of the 15th century BC.

Divine revelation touched every aspect of social life including crime control, economics, education, family welfare, foreign relations, labor management, public health, and taxation.

One can trace the profound effect of Moses’ sermons upon common law and political concepts throughout subsequent history. But the core message centers on the prerequisite of a just society: the heart that freely expresses its ultimate allegiance to God. When faced with Satan’s temptations Jesus relied upon key passages in Deuteronomy.

So will we if we are wise.

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