It's time to derive your worldview from the Bible

Rather than reading the Bible through the eyes of modern secularism, this provocative six-part course teaches you to read the Bible through its own eyes—as a record of God’s dealing with the human race. When you read it at this level, you will discover reasons to worship God in areas of life you probably never before associated with “religion.”

Exodus by Charles Clough
The reason for the Egyptian captivity. Egypt can be considered the historic womb of the nation Israel. The structure of Egyptian society. How did Egyptian society view Pharaoh? The exodus took place in the most unlikely politically and socially structured society in human history. The plagues prior to the exodus. The exodus. Rethinking Egyptian history and classic chronology. Questions and answers.
Series:Chapter 3 – The Exodus: The Disruptive Truth of Israel’s Separation from Egypt
Duration:1 hr 15 mins 36 secs