It's time to derive your worldview from the Bible

Rather than reading the Bible through the eyes of modern secularism, this provocative six-part course teaches you to read the Bible through its own eyes—as a record of God’s dealing with the human race. When you read it at this level, you will discover reasons to worship God in areas of life you probably never before associated with “religion.”

by Charles Clough
Scripture has publicly observable, historical events that no other religion has. Christ’s crucifixion reflects the national refusal to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah. The three years Jesus Christ was on earth ministering are packed with Old Testament background. The suffering Servant and the glorious King pictures of the Messiah are reconciled by the inter-advent age. Pentecost was the manifestation on earth of Christ’s session in Heaven. Questions and answers.
Series:Chapter 4 – The Historical Maturing of the Church
Duration:1 hr 17 mins 46 secs