It's time to derive your worldview from the Bible

Rather than reading the Bible through the eyes of modern secularism, this provocative six-part course teaches you to read the Bible through its own eyes—as a record of God’s dealing with the human race. When you read it at this level, you will discover reasons to worship God in areas of life you probably never before associated with “religion.”

by Charles Clough
Reformed and dispensational theology. Reformed Theology kept some Roman Catholic practices and elements of Catholic theology. An example of how Reformed Theology attempts to attack premillennialism. The issue is how you think about faith. The effects of Covenant Theology. Covenant theology inductively creates two generic covenants, which are not stated in Scripture, above all the biblical covenants that are stated in Scripture. Reformed Theology has frozen the 16th and 17th century level of theology into permanent creeds and established unique rules for biblical interpretation. Questions and answers.
Series:Appendix A – Reformed and Dispensational Theology
Duration:1 hr 21 mins 53 secs