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Thank you for your interest in further bible studies. Bible Framework Ministries is in the process of reviewing and editing earlier courses taught by Charlie Clough. Many of these lessons are on old cassette tapes or old reel to reel. It is a very labor intensive process converting to a digital format and many lessons are not suitable quality for publication. If there is a particular series that you may be interested in please send us a message or contact the ministry via email at

Keeping Faithful to our Lord in a Growing Hostile Culture New
7-part Labor Day Conference series at North Stonington Bible Church on September 3-4, 2016

Using Romans 12:1-2 as the theme, this 7-part Labor Day series deals with how to avoid being “conformed to this age” by having our minds “transformed.” Paul’s warning certainly applies to Bible-believing Christians living in our increasingly hostile culture—a culture using the secular public schools, the media, and government leadership to forcefully, continually and ubiquitously mold U.S. population into suppressing God in every important area of life.

As this new series moves from creation to the conquest, I point to specific cultural agendas that by substituting fictional counter-notions seek to suppress what God shows about Himself in each event. I also cite by number the exact Power Point slide I am using so you can refer to the accompanying slide as you listen to the audio. Included in this series is the complete handout for note-taking. I hope you will feel less intimidated when you see the flimsy foundations under these fictional substitutes for Biblical revelation. May you be encouraged to see the corresponding strength of the Word of God at each point—strength you can rely upon to remain faithful to our Lord!

Colleges Denying the Only Real Source of Truth – God New
Brooks Shertzer shares his experience of engaging about the Bible with faculty at Loyola University in Baltimore

Brooks Shertzer, a student at Loyola University in Baltimore, shares some significant encounters with the faculty at the university, a campus that proudly claims to be Roman Catholic. Brooks, though generally quiet and always courteous, is well-grounded in the Word of God and not at all reticent to challenge his professors when they spew forth ridicule of the Bible. Usually he is quite alone in the classes, as far as receiving any support from classmates. Yet, after some of his in-class challenges to the professors, some classmates have come to him with interest in what he dared to say out loud (when they were too intimidated to say anything).

Law, Grace & Citizenship
7-part Labor Day Conference series at North Stonington Bible Church on September 1-3, 2012

This 7-part Labor Day series encompasses the task of Bible believing citizens to think through and intelligently act upon our citizenship responsibilities rather than resort to either misguided non-participation or shallow emotional responses. Ten core biblical truths provide the foundation. Biblical law reveals true social justice, and only biblical grace can fulfill it in both the visible and invisible realms. Biblical citizenship uniquely projects salt and light while avoiding both naive triumphalism and paralyzing despair.

Not Ashamed of the Gospel (Romans 1:16-32)
7 Audio Lessons taught at Duluth Bible Church, 2001

As this "culture war" heats up in the USA, Bible-believing Christians need to be very sure of their foundation in the Word of God. The teaching will promote a New Testament based strategy of confident engagement of the increasing pagan beliefs in our nation.

January 2010-April 2012

Before he passed off the scene, Israel's human founder Moses wanted every Israelite to understand the relationship between God and their special nation. This long series expounds what we moderns refer to as "social justice" not from a Marxist, Muslim, Socialist, or Libertarian perspective but from the perspective of God as He "interfered" with ancient near eastern culture of the 15th century BC. Divine revelation touched every aspect of social life including crime control, economics, education, family welfare, foreign relations, labor management, public health, and taxation. One can trace the profound effect of Moses' sermons upon common law and political concepts throughout subsequent history. But the core message centers on the prerequisite of a just society: the heart that freely expresses its ultimate allegiance to God. When faced with Satan's temptations Jesus relied upon key passages in Deuteronomy. So will we if we are wise.

Looking at Labor & Reward from God's Perspective
7-part Labor Day Conference series at North Stonington Bible Church on September 4-6, 2010

This 7-part Labor Day series highlights the early labor movement in the late 19th century and its ensuing influences on present culture and policy-making. Utilizing appropriate parts of the Framework, it challenges us to examine how labor, value, and property were to be treated under the Old Testament version of the Kingdom of God, and how Jesus Christ exemplifies those policies in His redemptive work. The biblical meaning of "social justice" is contrasted with how that term is misused today.

Faith Rest Drill
3 Audio Lessons taught at West Houston Bible Church, TX, January 2006

Eschatology is a view of the future. Without it, there can be no hope and endurance for the conflicts of life. So everyone has an eschatology of some sort. But only the Bible presents an objective, historical hope. Two popular pseudo-eschatologies--Marxism and Global Environmentalism--are contrasted with the true eschatology grounded upon divine "contracts" of the Bible.

Living the Christian Life
7 Audio Lessons taught at North Stonington Bible Church, CT, Labor Day Weekend 2008

The apostles John and Paul each had their own way of teaching the Christian life. Although the truths they taught are consistent, Bible students must respect their individual vocabularies and rationale. This mini-series surveys how the aged apostle John taught the Christian life in his epistle of 1 John. It provides a stimulating adjunct to the usual fare of Pauline teaching.

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