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"Thank you so much. My wife and I work as Bible translators and church planters in Papua New Guinea. We have seen the Word of God change the worldview of a pre-literate, animistic people group. Your material will be helpful in helping us continue to instruct them in the Biblical worldview." Craig,

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing this life changing series free of charge. Clough Rocks!" Nina,

"Thank you all so much for this ministry. I have heard some of this series and look forward to the rest." Greg,

"Charlie, thank you so much for what you are doing here. This is the best insight into the Bible I have seen in 25 years of Bible study." Kim,

"I am half way through the framework series and it is simply fantastic - every Christian should hear this." Brent,

"I just wanted to say that I absolutely Love your new website! It's Very Nice! Also, I just started the Biblical Framework study and it has been great thus far through the first 5 lessons. Thank you so much for the awesome work you guys are doing! " Joe, ND

"A few months ago a colleague gave me a cd with the biblical framework mp3's on it. He was so impressed with the series that he made it his mission to distribute them to anyone he witnessed with at work that showed a genuine interest in them. We worked together for a while and he turned me on to the series. I am so absolutely glad that he did! I feel like I hit the jackpot! I consider myself as going through 'Christianity 101'. Charlie Clough has presented information clearly to me that I wish I had come across years ago. Thank you so very much for making these lectures available. And especially for the manner in which you make them available to all (free) with the option to donate- way to go. No peddling the Gospel here! Thank you and God bless you and your ministry smile" Eric,

"I am on lesson 57 in my spare time. Awesome teachings. Thank you." S.F., California

"Having gone through [the course] twice, I am convinced of the essential need of teaching the Framework to all believers in Jesus Christ. It is not that I have learned anything new concerning the events of Scripture; instead it has placed these events and their associated doctrines in a cohesive blueprint of God’s plan and program. . . .This is a course of study that should be taught in every Church, Bible school, and Seminary." D.R., Ohio

"I thought you would like to know the far-reaching impact of the Framework series. Slowly, with the help of the Holy Spirit, your magnificent undertaking is touching many lives, not only in the US, but in parts of the former USSR as well." K. L., Maine

"I have listened to about 7 hours and I have got to say that your series is flat-out utterly brilliant. Your approach to logical thinking and explanations of the Biblical text is unlike or even close to anything I have every heard before. . . .You have really done your homework. . . .My wife and I are going on a 16 hour trip to California and back. . .and plan to listen to your material 32 hours straight while driving." J.G., Kansas

"You have no idea how much your ministry has meant to me. I grew up in an atheist home. . .and never even heard of Jesus Christ until I was 21. . . .Thank you so much brother, not for your ability to articulate truth, that’s all of God, [but] thank you for your faithfulness to the text of Scripture. . . .I listened to the framework teachings between 5 and 11 hours every workday." C.J., Georgia

"I wish I could pay you what this study is worth, but I can’t. This has been the most amazing study I have ever undertaken. . . .I have listened to hundreds of hours of Bible teaching. . . .The difference is the continuity and systematic approach that God has led you to provide; precept upon precept.. . .it teaches us how to think Biblically." L.J., Georgia

"[My] long commute each day gives me 2 ½ hours to listen to all types of Bible studies. And the Biblical Framework is without a doubt the best single series on the Bible I’ve ever heard." C.D., California

"Thank you for all your long hours of study and willingness to share." R.M. , Oklahoma

"I am trying to tell others about the lessons. They are so good. Thank you for your ministry." J.W., British Columbia, Canada

"Thank you for making these CDs available. They are an excellent learning and teaching resource." L.M., Missouri

"Thank you more than words can say for making the CDs available. I am most appreciative in many ways for the messages. The most important. . .I want to be able to explain to my grandchildren the truths that I hear Mr. Clough proclaim from Genesis." C.F., Arkansas

"Thank you for such a wonderful work and. . .for making it available to us [on a grace basis]." J.W., Tennessee

"I feel like Charles is one of the few people who speak my language. I had a scientific upbringing, and actually came to the Lord through science. Charles seems to bring into focus many things which were fuzzy for me." D.K., California

"This series was recommended to me by my CFO of [major insurance company]. . . .I seemed to get these lectures at a unique crisis in my life, then time opened up and gave me an opportunity to listen. . . .I mean 224 lectures can be daunting. After going through them for the first time, I could conclude that they were the most educational resource that I have in understanding the Bible, dealing with my doubt, and strengthening my faith to fight the spiritual wars that I constantly seem to be in the midst of." R.M., Kentucky

"I teach a high school Sunday School class. . . .The Framework will be an excellent tool for this age of kids." B.G., Texas

"[Your] MP3s have already had an impact. . . .In our Sunday School class [during a discussion of God’s fairness] I shared. . .your point that all the tribes that left the Tower of Babel. . .had the first 9 chapters of Genesis. . . .This makes my point that you are the only one out there with a complete system for spiritual understanding." G. B., Texas

"I’ve been searching for this depth of study for over 25 years." Ken, Missouri

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing this life changing series free of charge. Clough Rocks!"