Part 2 :: Buried Truths of Origins

This part of the Framework course deals with the very foundation of biblical faith—origins. In this study you will see how the universe around you and even your heart inside you have always borne clear testimony to your Creator. Their testimony is so clear that the carnal mind (being always at enmity with God) has had to suppress this truth to try to avoid responsibility before Him. Thus paganism, whether ancient or modern in form, has a powerful ethical motive in viciously and unrelentingly attacking the first eleven chapters of Genesis as "mythological."

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Lesson 1 - Introduction: Framework Series Objectives Play Lesson Audio
Ch 1: Biblical Creation vs. Pagan Origin Myths
Lesson 2 - Preconditions of Truth Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 3 - Religious Neutrality Theory Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 4 - Biblical Creation vs. Creation Myths Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 5 - Biblical Creation vs. Theistic Evolution Play Lesson Audio
Ch 2: Creation: Buried Truth of Who God Is
Lesson 6 - Creation - A Defining Event Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 7 - Creator/creature Distinction Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 8 - Attributes of God Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 9 - Attributes of God (continued), Idolatry Play Lesson Audio
Ch 3: Creation: Buried Truth of Who God Is
Lesson 10 - The Unique Design of Man Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 11 - Man in God's Image - chooses, judges, loves, and knows Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 12 - Divine Institutions - Labor, Marriage, Family Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 13 - The Design in Nature, Man's limited power over nature (time/space diagram) Play Lesson Audio
Ch 4: The Fall: The Buried Truth of the Origin of Evil
Lesson 14 - The Fall - Buried Truths Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 15 - The Fall - Biblical Response to Evil and Suffering Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 16 - The Fall - Sin Damage Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 17 - The Fall - Man's Responsibility for Evil in the World Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 18 - Biblical Coping Strategies for Suffering Play Lesson Audio
Ch 5: The Flood: The Buried Truth of Divine Intervention
Lesson 19 - Global Flood Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 20 - Review - Creation, Fall, Flood Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 21 - Flood as a Picture of Christ's Second Advent, Ark = Salvation Play Lesson Audio
Ch 6: The Covenant: The Buried Truth of the New World
Lesson 22 - Four Parts of Noahic Covenant Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 23 - Noahic Covenant - Implications for Nature Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 24 - Noahic Covenant - Divine Institutions 1-2 Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 25 - Noahic Covenant - Divine Institutions 3-4 Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 26 (not available)
Appendix A: Interpreting Genesis 1-11
Lesson 27 - Interpreting Gen 1-11, Hermeneutics Play Lesson Audio
Appendix B: Biological Natural History: Creation vs. Evolution
Lesson 28 - Biological Natural History, Creation vs. Evolution Play Lesson Audio
Appendix C: Physical & Chemical Natural History: Is the Universe Thousands or Billions of Years Old?
Lesson 29 - Physical & Chemical History, Terrestrial Clocks, Polonium-218 Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 30 - Astronomical Clocks, Humphrey's Expanded Universe Play Lesson Audio
Appendix D: Geological Natural History: Biblical Catastrophism vs. Uniformitarianism
Lesson 31 - Geology Play Lesson Audio
Review Lessons
Lesson 32 - Apologetic Approach; Intelligence, Language & Thought Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 33 - Creation, Fall, Flood, Institutions, Why We Suffer? Play Lesson Audio
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"I am half way through the framework series and it is simply fantastic - every Christian should hear this."