Bible framework Course :: Features & Benefits

  • Focuses upon key events in biblical history
  • Gives the divine interpretation of each event
  • Demonstrates the coherence of this sequence of divine words and works
  • Draws out major implications of each event and associated doctrines
  • Contrasts these implications with both ancient and modern pagan opposing notions
  • Acquaints students with sometimes neglected Old Testament revelation underlying the New Testament
  • Includes downloadable lectures, transcriptions, and accompanying notes indexed to lectures
  • Includes Power Point slides of diagrams used in lectures
  • Seeks to link—not replace—exegesis and specialized worldview studies
  • Utilizes strategic envelopment of unbelieving assaults against the faith
  • Skill in linking biblical truth with biblical text
  • More capacity to engage the great ideas of peer culture from a position of biblical strength
  • Enlarged vision of God that transforms study and discovery into worshipful activities
  • Fills in the gaps and disjointedness left by a secular education
  • Opens opportunities for conversation with unbelievers that can lead to a gospel witness
  • Provides a framework that coordinates isolated chunks of biblical truth
  • Centers one’s thinking upon the space-time historically-progressing revelation of God rather than upon isolated texts, personal experience, or a theological system
  • A valuable reference to help pastor-teachers aim their exegetical results at targets of unbelief that affect their flock
  • Heightened awareness of the weaknesses of unbelief
  • Appreciation for the comprehensive conflict between the Bible and the world system
Bible Framework Course
PDF Course Notes

"[Your] MP3s have already had an impact. . . .In our Sunday School class [during a discussion of God’s fairness] I shared. . .your point that all the tribes that left the Tower of Babel. . .had the first 9 chapters of Genesis. . . .This makes my point that you are the only one out there with a complete system for spiritual understanding."
G. B., Texas